Moscato is a popular wine that’s refreshing with flavors of peach, honey and ripe citrus in a light-bodied style. The sweetness in the white Moscato balances the flavors in a wide variety of

spicy dishes. The peach notes combine well with many soft and hard cheeses and desserts. It’s best drunk when young and served very cold.

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The Pink Moscato is also light-bodied, full of fresh citrus and peach, as well as hints of berries & orange. It pairs nicely with sweet desserts or cheeses such as manchego. The Red Moscato has lively flavors of sweet citrus and peach, with a red berry finish. Medium-bodied, it’s best enjoyed chilled with light cheeses, spicy cuisines or rich desserts.

It’s not just a wine to drink on it’s own. If you are looking for some unique drink ideas, Gallo Family Vineyards has shared with us some of their great Moscato cocktail recipes. For your next celebration or dinner party you can impress your guests with these refreshing twists on traditional drinks.