5 Fun Rainy Day Family Activities-MainPhoto
Rain, Rain, go away, come back another day!
I often hear myself (and my kids!) singing the familiar tune when it’s raining outside and we find ourselves cooped up indoors! Lately, we’ve been working together to make the best of it. A dreary day can make you feel tired and down but it doesn’t have to be filled with boredom and whining from the kiddos. Here are five fun activities to make your own ray of sunshine from the comfort of your warm, dry home!

A Puppet Show can be loads of fun on a rainy day. Get some old socks out and use arts and crafts supplies to create a puppet of your choice. Children can use their imagination and get as creative as they like with their characters. You can choose to stop at your sock puppet creations or take a puppet show to new levels by creating a stage with props and all. The possibilities with a puppet show are endless. The best part is that the children get to take the lead and everyone has tons of fun.

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A Rainy Day Scene Diorama can enable children to observe the weather outside and bring it indoors by recreating it in a shoe box. Kids can create their own miniature versions of trees, clouds, flowers and other spring-like props and color them according to whatever nature has on display that day. They can use paint, Cray-pas, crayons, or markers. Their creations are then pasted into their box. The children can then make up a story based on their diorama and share with each other.

Learning About the Water Cycle is a great way to become familiar with what is going on outside. Your children can become familiar with the terms precipitation, condensation, evaporation, and collection. It’s a great way for them to learn how and why things happen in our atmosphere and you can converse about it. You can watch a PowerPoint, video, or even find labels and worksheets based on the water cycle on the Internet.


Read, Read, Read! Reading is always a great thing to do on a rainy day. Why not cozy up on the couch with a fun book about rain? We have a few favorites in our home:
• Rainy Day Love by Yaoi Manga
• A Rainy Day To Remember by Kit Fross
• Dora and The Rainy Day by Jessica Echevaria & Steven Savitsky

Make a Nice Warm Soup. After all, what is a rainy day without a nice bowl of soup. In our home we like to make sancocho (made with tons of vegetables, chicken, red meat, and pork). Of course this would be a perfect time to be creative and create your own special, Rainy Day soup. It’s a fun way for the kids to converse and learn by measuring ingredients while having a hands-on experience in the kitchen.

Many of you may choose to run out in the rain to splash in puddles and squish our boots around in the mud. As for me, I’d rather stay dry and enjoy these fun activities until Mr. Sun finds his way back out again. Whatever you do you with your family, don’t let the rain place a damper on your day. Always make the best of it!