Fulano’s Salsa Ranchera-MainPhoto

Fulano’s Salsa Ranchera-MainPhoto
Here is a fast, delicious salsa that will really rev up your Huevos Rancheros and other South-of-the-Border recipes.

Salsa ranchera, or ranch-style salsa, is pureed, served warmed and has a thinner, soup-like consistency than other salsas. (Who wants to put cold salsa on hot eggs or grilled salmon?) One of the best versions comes from Fulano’s Mexican Cafe in Encinitas, California, (just north of San Diego) owned by John Portilla and his mother Elizabeth.

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3 TBSP olive oil  (not extra virgin)
1 onion, finely chopped
3 green bell peppers, finely chopped
2 tomatoes, finely chopped
1 28 oz can pureed tomatoes
32 oz chicken stock
2 TBSP tomato paste
3 garlic cloves
1 TBSP salt
2 bay leaves
1 TSP Mexican oregano
1 TSP  black pepper


  1. Heat olive oil in large pot. Add onion, bell peppers and fresh tomatoes and cook for 3 to 5 minutes.
  2. Stir in pureed tomatoes, stock, tomato paste and garlic.
  3. Add salt, bay leaves, oregano and pepper. Simmer, stirring occasionally, for 20 minutes.  Remove bay leaves.
  4. Serve salsa warm with huevos rancheros and other dishes.

Be sure to visit Fulano’s Mexican Cafe in Encinitas, California.