12. Beets
Beets are delicious and nutritious and, like many other root vegetables, have the compounds to support healthy estrogen levels in your body. Don’t like them? Grab the sliced ones in the can and call them cookies. It worked on us when we were in preschool, it might just work now.

13. Yams
Yams give us vitamin B6. Why do we love B6 specifically? It’s an essential vitamin that helps relieve premenstrual syndrome symptoms up to and including depression. And they’re yummy with marshmallows, right?

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14. Dried or Fresh Herbs & Spices
Common herbs and spices that are also phytoestrogens include: parsley, anise seed, red clover, thyme, licorice, turmeric, hops and sage. Season liberally to raise estrogen levels in your body naturally.

15. Nuts
We hear pistachio nuts are richest but cashews, chestnuts, hazelnuts and walnuts all contain phytoestrogens which make them all great choices.

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