2. Go for the eye
Get your hands up, open palm, as if you are protecting your face, making it seem like you are submitting. Your fingers are open, fanned out. Then, in one quick jarring motion, with fingers open, you want to touch the person’s eye. To be effective, you don’t have to jab the eye. You just have make contact. It will blind him for a second and make him flinch. As a woman you don’t want to fight. You want to stun. When the eye is hurt, his hand will come to his eye, and that’s when you run.

3. Pepper spray
Pepper spray is always a good thing for women to carry. Try to spray directly to the face; eyes are ideal. The  idea, again, is to blind your attacker. Pepper spray takes 5 seconds to take effect, so be aware of that. Once you spray, you have to create a situation where he can’t get his hands on you for 5 seconds.