10 Female Comics that May Prove Women Are Funniest!-MainPhoto
10 Female Comics that May Prove Women Are Funniest!-MainPhoto

Chelsea Handler

Updated June 14th, 2018

Ask a man what he finds sexy in a woman, and he makes likely answer “a sense of humor.” And if that’s true, then there is no shortage of female comics out there who prove that funny=sexy. Let’s face it: Life gives women a lot of material for comedic gold—from puberty to giving birth to breastfeeding to menopause—all of which makes for excellent stand-up.

It’s been a long road to the top for women comics, who’ve had to endure gender bias and a male-dominated entertainment industry along the way. Comedic pioneer and genius Lucille Ball once said in an interview that she was able to break into comedy because she wasn’t afraid of not being pretty. “A lot of the really beautiful girls didn’t want to do some of the things I did—put on mud packs and scream and run around and fall into pools … I didn’t mind getting messed up. That’s how I got into physical comedy.”

Whether they’re known for physical comedy or rapier-sharp wit or both, here are 10 of our favorite female comics who prove that women really are funnier.