11. Financial security is the priority.
Couples are viewing home economics more and more pragmatically, making choices based on what works financially and logistically for them, rather than following outdated models. In an era of financial turmoil, it’s important to make decisions based on what is best for your family, not what old-fashioned stereotypes deem appropriate.

12. More independence.
If you make your own money then you can buy whatever you want without having to consult anyone else or answer to anyone else.  We’re not saying you should blow you’re your hard-earned money on shoes, but more financial independence means more independence in general.

13. Multi-tasking at its best.
It’s no secret that women are excellent multi-taskers, it’s wired into our DNA to juggle multiple roles at one time. And turns out we can juggle more than just diaper and dish duty. Women are arguably more adept at being breadwinners AND also fulfilling other responsibilities in the family.