Now for the menu! There’s a bit of a bacon theme here but who doesn’t love bacon? If dad is okay with you manning it, grilling’s a sure-fire way to ensure a delicious meal. Grill or not, start with chips and a hearty Spicy Bacon Guacamole. This is a great segue into a scrumptious main course of Chorizo & Goat Cheese Quiche. For serious eaters, do a Pancake Lasagna made with layers of buttermilk pancakes, sausage, bacon, eggs and cheddar cheese. That’s definitely a once-a-year meal!

Finish with something decadent and sweet (If anyone has room!) like Bourbon, Bacon & Brown Sugar Monkey Bread or Bourbon Brown Sugar Maple Bacon Man Candy. Total maple bacon insanity! If that’s just too much, donuts are always a winner.

Make it a total Father’s Day brunch experience with some of these fun table ideas. Make serving easy with a Bruch Bar. All you need is a long table, a roll of kraft paper and a sharpie. Put out all the food and just write their names directly on the paper. No fuss, no muss! Get a little fancier with a very manly DIY table setting. Make an overlay out of old neckties and wrap all of the gifts in newspaper. Practice your Father’s Day brunch napkin folding technique with one of these adorable necktie or shirt creations.

Photo 3 courtesy of Food Network.com