10 Famous Mexicans You Wish you Could Bed-MainPhoto

10 Famous Mexicans You Wish you Could Bed-MainPhoto

Cinco de Mayo is upon us and we’re celebrating around the Mamiverse headquarters with all things Mexican! From the heritage to the culture to the food, we’re loving this now continent-wide party that marks the Mexican army’s victory over France after the Battle of Puebla in 1862 during the Franco-Mexican War. While it might not be such a huge deal in Mexico itself anymore, Mexican-Americans take full advantage of the day to honor their history and we love it!

Today, we’re taking a break from parades and music to explore the sexy side of Mexico—its sexiest men. Admit it—you’ve thought of it too! So in honor of Cinco de Mayo, here are ten famous Mexicans you wish you could bed!

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1. Rafael (Rafa) Márquez
This Mexican soccer star was born and raised in Mexico but played professionally for Barcelona before returning home to lead his team to many a victory. And he’s not bad to look at either. Seriously.

2. Mario Lopez
When we think of Mario Lopez, we think of the curly haired jock on Saved by the Bell. That said, this Mexican hottie went from adolescent heartthrob to full-on lust object as host of Extra and finalist on the third season of Dancing With the Stars. From his muscular build to his adorable dimples (not to mention those hips on the dance floor!) we’d consider begging to get him into bed!

3. José Ron
Born in Guadalajara City, Jalisco, Jose Ron won our hearts not just by his dashing good looks on screen but also by his compassionate nature and animal rights activism. Because who doesn’t love a Latino with a heart for the furry creatures we love so much?

4. Gael García Bernal
The son of actors, Gael became a teenage heartthrob in Mexico before moving to London to study acting. He’s begun breaking into the English-speaking cinema through roles in The Science of Sleep and Babel. We are excited to see more from him on screen because we could gaze into those soft brown eyes all.day.long.

10 Famous Mexicans You Wish you Could Bed-Photo2

5. Alejandro Monteverde
Alejandro is a powerhouse producer, director and editor in Hollywood. He’s also married to the gorgeous Ali Landry and they have three children together. But hey, we can dream, right?!

6. Demián Bichir
From what we hear, Damian was born into a theatrical family and began the craft at age three. He was on the hit television series Weeds but is better known in Mexico for his roles in Spanish-speaking films. He’s aging more gracefully than pretty much anyone else we know and is usually spotted with a super sexy five o’clock shadow we imagine would feel a bit rough, but so hot, against our cheek.

7. Michael Trevino
The youngest on our list of Mexican hotties is Michael. Now famous for his role on Vampire Diaries, he was born in California to Mexican immigrants and, like the young person he is, enjoys surfing and snowboarding. We’re sure spending time with this cutie would make us feel young all over again!

8. Diego Boneta
Diego began his career at twelve on the Mexican children’s reality series Codigo Fama. What do we love most about him? Two things, one is his trademark longish, thick hair that we can only imagine is heaven to run your fingers through, and two is his musical ability and how sexy he looks with an acoustic guitar in his arms… swoon!

9. Oscar de la Hoya
Known as “The Golden Boy” in boxing, we cannot tell you how grateful we are that Oscar’s face didn’t sustain any irreversible damage during his infamous and hugely successful boxing career! He’s as handsome as ever!

10. Jorge Ramos
The fact that this handsome man is on Time Magazine’s “25 Most Influential Hispanics in the United States” makes his that much more desirable. His look is smart and sophisticated making us want him for so much more than just a one nighter, if ‘ya know what we mean!