Myth: Fake Orgasm Will Help Keep Your Partner from Cheating

Bust: Wrong. Although that didn’t stop women from resorting to fake orgasm to keep a man.. More than half (54%) of women surveyed admitted to faking orgasm, and, “women who thought their partners might cheat were more likely to be the ones doing the faking,” according to a 2011 study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Your fake orgasm could fool him. After all, the study found that 85% of men report that their partner had an orgasm during the most recent sexual event, but that compared with 64% of women who reported having had an orgasm. Researchers said that the difference is too large to be accounted for by some of the men having had male partners at their most recent event. So simple math prevails.  A couple of other truths from the study: Men are more likely to orgasm when sex includes vaginal intercourse, while women are more likely to orgasm when they engage in a variety of sex acts and when oral sex or vaginal intercourse is included.

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But back to the matter at hand. Fake orgasm can blow up in your face if your partner finds out that you have been faking it all along. For many women, it isn’t easy to talk about climaxing for fear of hurting her partner’s feelings, while some believe that faking orgasm will keep their partners from straying. The truth is, if your relationship is not based on love, trust, communication and respect, you’ve got bigger problems than a fake orgasm. And if a man is prone to cheating, faking it won’t make much of a difference, if any. Check out the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior (NSSHB) for more info.