Fabulous at 40-7 Latinas Tell Us How It’s Done!-SliderPhoto

Fabulous at 40-7 Latinas Tell Us How It’s Done!-Photo7ANA LYDIA OCHOA-MONACO, 42 FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT OF PADMA MEDIA, INC
Why she’s enjoying her 40s: Even though I am only two years into my 40s, I have never felt more at ease, calm, and confident than I do now. I see myself looking at the world in a much broader way than the hyper-focused “it’s all about me” phase that most women go through in their 20s and 30s.

Fessing up to one’s age? It’s up to each woman how they deal with their age and aging. But, I do feel uncomfortable around women who proclaim they “feel younger than they are” and act like collegiate gals on spring break. Honestly, it’s OK to go through each phase in your life and then move on to the next. Acting our age shouldn’t be seen as a negative when done with class.

Why she’s Fab at 40+: As a woman over 40 who still gets carded, I have found that regardless of my physical appearance, being fabulous over 40 can be attributed to my confident sense of self and the ability to reinvent myself with the changing of the times.