Fabulous at 40-7 Latinas Tell Us How It’s Done!-SliderPhoto

Fabulous at 40-7 Latinas Tell Us How It’s Done!-Photo5ELENA MORO MARQUINA, 46, FREELANCE JOURNALIST & TRANSLATOR
On fear of aging: I totally get it! In fact, I never liked to celebrate my birthday before, much less disclose my age! I used to look young for my age and was the youngest at work for a long time, so when I realized I was getting dangerously close to 40, I wasn’t too happy. Then I got pregnant and 40 seemed the best possible age.

What she likes the most about this decade: Finally, and it is a big finally, you feel at peace with yourself, accept who you are, stop worrying about what others may think… This is the age of confidence!

Why she’s Fab at 40+? I’m not sure I would define myself as fabulous, but I know I am the best possible version of myself, at any given time, which is not the same as saying I’m perfect but rather that I accept my flaws and try to improve. I believe life is meant to get complicated with age, when we are better equipped to deal with problems. Had I been any younger when confronted with tough situations in my recent past, I doubt I would have been able to cope.