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Fabulous at 40-7 Latinas Tell Us How It’s Done!-Photo4LAURA CARBONELL, 48, LANGUAGE TEACHER & BLOGGER
On turning 40: At the 40 year mark, you seem to start to realize there is little time to waste. You also start to care less and less what people think of you and start caring more about what you think of yourself. There is a shift in focus. You start doing what you want to do and less what others expect of you. It’s kind of like breaking free and become yourself at long last.

You also discover that the things you worried so much about before are not so important.

What she likes about her 40s: Your priorities change. You feel more confident and start to figure out what you like and don’t like, what has to go and what can stay. It’s the “cleaning up your act” decade.

The secret to ageing gracefully: Accepting who you are, and not trying to compete with younger women. Keep studying and focusing on living a day at a time. Looking up to those powerful, amazing women who are beautiful within and are much older than yourself.

Cosmetic enhancements? I’d rather spend the money on shoes!

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