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Fabulous at 40-7 Latinas Tell Us How It’s Done!-Photo2MARCIA COLE, 47, CEO IVY DIGITAL LLC
On owning one’s age: It’s just a number, which has nothing to do with emotional maturation or spiritual evolution. There are many people who in their 40s and 50s remain time-stamped; meaning they are mentally the same as when they had a baby or got married, and haven’t necessarily grown as much.

How she sees herself in her 50s: As a bad-ass 50-year-old traveling the world, helping others, and maybe adopting my first child.

Latinas and aging, a good mix? I think Latinas are no different than other cultures because we all place such emphasis on our looks from a very early age. Looking sexy, and the desire to feel attractive are the reasons why the beauty industry receives billions of dollars from the Latina market. But as we all evolve, we get to realize that we are more than our looks—way more.

Tips on ageing gracefully: Don’t party as much in your 20s, because the skin you take care of in your 20s is the one you’ll love in your 40s.