Teen couple leaning in for a kiss

Teen couple leaning in for a kissUPDATED June 17th, 2017

Editor’s Note: This is an excerpt of Juliette del Fuego’s Throb, An Erotic Coming of Age Novel.  The new author has penned what can only be described as a Latina 50 Shades of Grey. Here’s a tease. The steamy Throb is available now.

I wanted to have sex with a man….

No-Time-for-Sex-Make-Time.-Here’s-How-Photo4In a fit of courage, I ripped a corner off a piece of lined paper, and wrote a short note, something about how I thought he should be the boy to relieve me of my virginity, if he was willing. I folded it up small and tight, and passed it to the person next to me. Within moments, it had been passed to Kyle. My cheeks burned with excitement and embarrassment as he unfolded it and read it. I heard him chuckle and whisper “whoa”. I pretended to be paying attention to whatever the teacher was saying. I could not bring myself to look at Kyle again the rest of the class. And then, the bell rang.