But They also are Independent and Happy to be on Their Own
While a Gemini will love company and loves to be social, he or she will also make it very clear from the start that they are independent and they do not need you to be happy. Independence doesn’t usually go hand-in-hand with being a social butterfly, but when it comes to the two sides of a Gemini, you get a bit of both.

They are Wild and Spontaneous and Fun, but also Very Analytical and Practical
A Gemini will make spontaneity a big part of their regular routine, meaning you never really know what to expect. But at the same time, they are very analytical thinkers and they can’t help but over-analyze everything. It’s a major contradiction, which can take its toll on a Gemini and anyone trying to be in a relationship with a Gemini, so if you want your love to last, you’ll need to accept and appreciate both ways of thinking and both types of behavior.  

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