With the end of the year right around the corner, we’re looking ahead to 2016 with nothing but hope and excitement for the future. We’re also looking back at 2015 with a mixture of emotions. This past year had plenty of drama and, though there was a lot to celebrate, we also saw some low points.

As we gear up for the end of the year, we’ve got 10 reasons that we really aren’t mad at 2015 for being done.

1. The Paris Attacks
The November Paris Attacks, fittingly taking place on Friday the 13th, threw the whole world into a state of turmoil and fear that we’re still grappling with. Terror group ISIS took credit for the carnage that killed 130 people. It was quite possibly the world’s saddest day since 9/11.

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2. San Bernardino Shooting
This horrific tragedy came right at the end of the year on December 12. Husband and wife homegrown terrorists Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik killed 14 people and injured 22 when they opened fire during an office Christmas party at the Inland Regional Center where Farook worked.

3. Walter Scott, Freddie & Sandra Bland
We thought the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri was a major wake-up call but there were still more unarmed African-Americans dying at the hands of police in 2015. On April 4, footage of Walter Scott being shot in the back as he ran away from a routine traffic stop. Only a week later, on the 12th, Freddie Gray died while riding in a police van leading to charges against six police officer. Sandra Bland was found hanging in her jail cell under mysterious circumstances after being pulled over. Let’s hope we learn from these tragedies so that they aren’t repeated in 2016.


4. Trump for President
Who would have guessed that Donald Trump would be so successful as a Republican candidate for President? Unfortunately, he’s introduced a new level of bigotry and xenophobia to the process.

5. The Warmest Year on Record
Beating out 2014, 2015 is expected to be the globe’s hottest year on record unless something drastic changes before the end of the year. We love balmy weather but climate change is scary!


6. Ebola Outbreak
This year the Ebola outbreak in West Africa reached epic proportions and threatened to spread even farther. Thankfully it’s largely under control now.

7. Refugee Crises
We saw the Immigration Crisis in 2014 as a record number of women and children arrived in the U.S. from Latin America. This year we’re grappling with the Syrian refugee crisis.


8. Bobbi Kristina
The daughter of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston was only 22 when she died on July 26 after being in a coma for several months. It was tragic watching a girl, who had so much going for her, fall prey to the same demons that plagued her parents.

9. Bill Cosby & Jared Fogle
We watched in horror as 45 women (and counting) accused once beloved comedian Bill Cosby of drugging and raping them. Still reeling from that shock, we were horrified again when Subway spokesman Jared Fogle pleaded guilty of receiving child pornography and repeated sex with minors.


10. Mad Men Finale
On a lighter note. We all shed a tear when the last episode of our favorite cocktail culture, adman series aired its final episode in May.