We’ve all had times in our lives when being single seemed like the worst fate that could befall us. But it’s possible to learn how to enjoy being single and realize it isn’t the end of the world. Viewed the right way, it is instead time for you to explore new things, practice new beginnings, and learn to be content within your own skin. Being single means you can take a class, learn to play the flute or write poetry without taking time away from your relationship. After all, you are the only one you have to make happy.

Solitude for many is the natural state they long to find. After all, Thomas Edison noted, “The best thinking has been done in solitude,” We’ve found a few ways to help you embrace being single.


1. Modern Love
You know there’s an app for everything. As a single person, you’re on your own for things like bill paying, simple home repairs and even finding an electrician. You need to know how to call a cab or call a plumber; with these apps you can do it all by yourself with a quick flick of your thumb.

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2. Glass is Half Full
Being single has its advantages
. You’ll never have to worry about meeting someone’s nosy relatives. You don’t have to attend someone else’s boring office parties. You have the freedom to plan your own weekends, decorate the way you want and never ever have to buy dark chocolate unless you like it.


3. More Interesting Valentine’s Day
Think of it this way, no more droopy bouquets of flowers or less than gourmet chocolate. No crummy gifts or awkward moments when the dude proposes after the second date. As a single person, you’re free to round up a group of single friends and barhop or hike the trails or even have a potluck dinner with none of the retail involvement of Valentine’s Day.


4. Single Moms are Powerhouses
Single moms are tough. Not only do they wear many hats, mom, cook, chef, referee, breadwinner, housekeeper, etc., they make it look easy. We know it’s not; so we applaud the single moms that we know and marvel at their strength.


5. Holidays are Just as Fun
One of the best ways to embrace being single is to rejoice in all the ways you can celebrate the season. No gifts to buy for the SO wondering if what you’ll give will match the type gift you receive. No introducing your SO at family gatherings and then leaving early because he’s bored. No decisions on which family to visit. And most importantly, you have the chance to buy a gift for yourself without feeling guilty.