March is National Craft Month and it’s an event I take as seriously as a wedding gown sewing pattern. That’s because I believe in the healing power of creativity. Crafting is therapeutic. If you allow yourself to clear your mind and relax, it’s a great way to disconnect from stress and calm down.

Unfortunately, not everyone agrees. I meet many women who say things like: I don’t have a creative bone in my body or I have no sense of color or I’m afraid of hurting myself! I wish I could sit with each of them and prove them wrong. It’s all about finding the right craft to fit your personality. But to do that, you have to start somewhere.

The National Craft and Hobby Association has a new campaign—actually a movement—they are promoting, called Cre8time. It’s all about incorporating creativity into daily life, even if it is just eight minutes a day or eight hours a week.

I encourage all of you to check it out and make room in your day to sprinkle a little glitter.

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For those of you who don’t know how or where to start, here are some simple ideas to consider!

Unleash Your Inner Crafter with These Simple Projects!-Photo2Color Block Canvas Art
Find four to six canvases in different sizes. Paint each one a different color using craft paint. Trim all of them in gold or black paint, and hang them in a mosaic arrangement on your wall or behind your bed. If you need layout design ideas, look at photo collage sites such as PicMonkey.

Napkin Pillows
These are very easy to sew and great for beginners! Simply find two napkins that you love and hand or machine sew up three sides, add pillow stuffing and sew up the fourth side. Afraid of needles, try fabric adhesive!

Shrink Plastic Jewelry
Also known as Shrinky Dinks. Take one sheet (frosted), and a set of brightly colored permanent markers. Doodle on the entire sheet, end to end. Create swirls, boxes, circles, etc. Don’t leave any white space, okay? Cut them up into shapes that measure about 4” and punch a hole at the top. Follow the package directions for shrinking, and then add earring hooks using needle nose pliers.

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Glitter something!
Find a frame, small statue, a lampshade, etc. Lightly sand it, work section by section adding white craft glue, pour on the glitter, press in place, and tap away the excess. Let dry.

Trio of Spring Vases
Visit yard sales for a small assortment of vases, then pick up some bright colors spray paint such as red, orange and yellow or teal, purple and blue. Spray each vase a different color. They’ll become a pretty collection for a table or shelf.

Vision Board/Calendar
Buy a 2013 calendar at the dollar store and grab a glue stick too. Then go through magazines or print out your favorite images of your projects, hopes and dreams that you want to achieve. Cut out the pictures, words, and phrases and make collages on the top portion of the calendar to make it your own.

Kathy Cano-Murillo is a craft book author, novelist and the founder of the award-winning site, Crafty Chica.