Don’t we all love to attend ethnic festivals? Spending the day in Chinatown, Little Italy, Little Havana? And how about the Gay Pride Parade? Now that’s a party! What would we be like if we were not different? What would happen to us if we shunned diversity for the sake of being the same, kind of like those developments we see in the suburbs where everything’s the same? Boring!

With every year that passes we become closer to a single world, a group of different ethnicities, colors, customs. We are Americans. People who come from different countries might speak different languages, worship different Gods, eat different food. But one thing we all do, one thing everyone in the world can agree on, is that we all love. We all laugh. And no matter where you are in the world, a smile is universal. Celebrate our diversity with a smile even if you don’t speak the language or you don’t understand the people, because, in all the cultures, a smile means the same thing. Acceptance.