What makes this country so great is that we are a mix of people from different countries, ethnicities, and beliefs. We should celebrate our diversity every single day. Being different, and living in a country with so many different people is what makes being in the U.S. so interesting.

Despite the ongoing debate on immigration and the racism this country has faced in the past and present, diversity is what makes us who we are. Whenever you go get a burrito, ceviche, Chinese, sushi, pizza, it’s all about diversity.

But diversity is also about having different points of view. Diversity gives us something to pause and listen to. And if we really listen, we can learn and take on a broader perspective. Diversity teaches us to be open-minded. The idea that we should all meld into one culture, one American melting pot, is wrong. Melting together means taking on each other’s customs and beliefs. Being a melting pot means being less diverse.