Digital moms also need to unplug and enjoy our kids

This digital mom took last weekend off from work… There, I said it! I almost feel as if I just confessed a dirty little secret. And it’s not like I spent Saturday and Sunday lounging around by the pool: I organized my clutter, sorted through the junk in my children’s’ bedroom, went grocery shopping, cooked dinner, took the kids to the movies, and worked out with my eldest.

Oh, yes, and walked and fed the dog, and then drove two and a half hours Sunday night to take the girls to their dad, my ex husband. Whew!

But I completely avoided e-mails, work-related social media and doing anything that would help me cross items off my work to-do list.

The result was that I ended the weekend feeling like a very accomplished mom but a bit of a slacker professionally. I had a hard time sleeping on Sunday night, thinking of everything I would have to face Monday morning.

In the end, I managed to forgive myself because, by Monday night I had not only caught up, but accomplished more than I usually would after a regular weekend of mixing work and time off. I called it a day at 10 pm, and a good day at that.

I often wonder what it is that makes working women—moms in particular—feel like losers if we’re not “on” 24/7? I’ve always been task oriented and worked from home my whole life. So I don’t abide by 9-5 Monday to Friday schedules. I might work well into the night if I’m inspired and then enjoy the next morning off, no matter what day of the week it is. As long as I get the job done, who cares when and how I do it?

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However, with the advent of social media and online publication, it is sometimes hard to know when and how it’s time to relax. I’m passionate about what I do, and it’s really hard to juggle work and family, the desire to make a difference in women’s lives and the want to positively impact my kids.

And I know I’m not alone. Other successful women voice the same concern. When is it okay to disconnect? How is it even possible? And, would we be as successful and happy if we did kick off our shoes and sit back a little more often?

Well, here’s the thing: if you’ve ever experienced a huge setback in your life, you either stay in the rut or you pull yourself up and do everything in your power to get out of that rut and make sure you never fall back in. If you are stubborn and lucky enough to make a living pursuing your passion, then you don’t consider work a chore but a source of pleasure.

But, know that once you’ve reached that level, even when you are digital mom, taking a day off will only help propel you to even greater heights. Keep in mind that when training for a marathon (something I did a year ago), there are days when you need to log in the miles, and there are days when you have to stay off your feet. Those rest days are what enable you to go the distance during your long runs. The difference between a marathon and real life is that in life, there is no finish line. It’s an ongoing process.

Now, it’s time for me to turn off my computer and go make my bed. That hardly qualifies as down time for most, and yet for me, it is!