The Breast Orgasm: Some women can reach an orgasm just by the stimulus of their breasts.
The Oral Orgasm: Some women are very sensitive in their mouths and can reach an orgasm when kissing or performing oral sex.
The Skin Orgasm: Some women can reach an orgasm at the touch of their skin, during a massage, a facial, or any stimulus to their skin.
The Mental Orgasm: Some women can reach an orgasm during auditory or visual stimulation, like watching a movie, reading erotic content, or watching others having sex. This orgasm happens without manual or oral stimulation. 

Since we have been blessed with the ability to reach an orgasm a multitude of ways, it is important that we learn how to stimulate our bodies to reach it. Now that we know that there are so many types of orgasm, we can practice and see how many types of orgasm we can feel and master.

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