8. Scorpios can be possessive.
One of the negative Scorpio traits is that they can have a possessive streak in their relationships. Not exactly a flattering quality, but their need to control every aspect of their life leads them to want to control their partner as well. Which means no more lunches with an ex and no more friendly phone calls with a previous love interest. You are theirs now. The good news is that they are not just possessive but protective, so if you date a Scorpio you will be taken care of.

9. Scorpios often have strong opinions.
They are never indecisive. They don’t just need to make the decisions in any scenario, but they always have very strong opinions about their choices. They won’t sit back and let you order the wine at dinner. And if you do, chances are your loving Scorpio will tell you all the things that they don’t like about your wine choice. Raise your hand if that quality is a major pet peeve. (Here, here, over here!)