7. What kind of room do you want?
The cheapest cabins are interior cabins with no windows. There’s space enough for a double bed, a very compact bathroom and some storage space. There’s a graduated scale up from there. You can arrange for rooms with portholes, windows and balconies. Most cruise lines offer one and two bedroom suites up to “presidential suites” complete with concierge service. Just for the record, the rooms next to elevators are cheaper and the ones on the lower decks closest to the middle of the boats are the ones least likely to rock in rough seas.

8. How do I get to and from the ship?
For a price, cruise lines will meet you at the airport and take you right to the dock. When you return to port, they’ll do the reverse. Just bear in mind if the ship sails at 5 pm, it sails at 5 pm. Don’t expect to arrive at 4:30 and make it on board. Similarly, if your ship returns at 8 am and you’re off loaded by 10 am, your bus to the airport will be at 10 am, even if you have a 7 pm flight home.