1. Make a list (and check it twice).
    One of the seemingly obvious but best budgeting tips we have for you is to make a list of all the expenses that will fall under that holiday budget. Such as a trip to your parents (gas/airfare/hotel stay), hosting a dinner party for friends (food, decorations, staff), Christmas decorations (a tree, ornaments, lights) and gifts (for literally everyone you know). Think about absolutely everything you might spend money on this season and put it on your list. You can always cut it down but best to start big and then knock unnecessary items off. The alternative is forgetting something important and not properly budgeting your money.
  1. Commit to a specific amount of money for ear area of holiday spending.
    Once you have your massive list—and trust us, it will be far longer than you’d like—you can start to break out your spending goals by category. For each line item where you intend to spend money, set a budgeted amount you’d like to spend. Make it realistic but also smart. A+ Federal Credit Union has a great Holiday Expenses Worksheet to get you started.