mushroom recipes
This summer I learned that not even the scorching blast of desert heat can keep me away from enjoying a succulent soup. In this case, it was a hearty mushroom soup, which brought to mind my favorite mushroom recipes.

My love for mushrooms is kind of cyclical. There are times when I really crave them either cooked or raw, and then there are times when I easily go months without even thinking about them. Yet this summer I experienced an explosion of love and desire; they were all over my kitchen and meals. This fall I wanted to continue my celebration of mushrooms and come up with even more mushroom recipes.

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There are so many wonderful mushrooms in season now and so many fantastic mushroom recipes. You will find glorious gold chanterelles, lobster mushrooms (both until December), hen of the woods (very earthy and full of flavor), chicken of the woods (October) and of course, porcini mushrooms (November). Closer to winter, we will see some of my favorite ones: black trumpet, yellow foot chanterelle, truffles, and hedgehog mushrooms. You will find crimini, oyster, and shiitake all year round. And if you can’t find fresh mushrooms, dried ones are always a good choice too.

So there’s no rush to make any of the mushroom recipes below. Just pick your season and enjoy the rich flavor of the Earth!