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What to Expect At Your First Session And Beyond
When it comes to therapy, there isn’t a rulebook for handling things. Therapists will approach your situation in different ways depending on the problems. So being prepared for various scenarios will allow you two to get the most out of your therapy.

So what’s the first session usually like? Lauren Mills, a licensed psychotherapist writing for says that it’s “likely, during the first session,[that] the therapist or counselor will ask basic questions about the history of the relationship, such as marital status, how long have you been in the relationship or how the couple met. The therapist will likely also inquire about what brought the couple to couples therapy. The therapist may also observe how you interact and communicate, because it provides information about the relationship. The initial appointment focuses on learning about who you are as individuals and also as a couple, and this can be considered the assessment phase of counseling.

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