1. Simple Boiled Corn on the Cob
A basic way to prepare corn that you can take advantage of all year long is to boil it on your stovetop. This cooking method is definitely the fastest and the simplest way to prepare corn, but when it’s done right your corn will be cooked to perfection. The trick is to not over-cook your corn; place it in a pot of boiling water for 4-5 minutes if you like your corn more firm, or 6-8 minutes if you like it softer. We boil it for about 5 minutes and then let it sit in the water (off the heat) for an additional minute or two before taking it out and serving with some butter and salt for garnish. Basic, but DELICIOUS.

2. Perfectly Grilled Corn on the Cob
One of the more popular corn on the cob recipe ideas (especially in the summer when you are firing up the grill daily), grilling corn is easy and incredibly delicious. This recipe, from grill-master Bobby Flay, has you soak the corn in salt water before grilling, and then after 15-20 minutes on the grill, serve the finished product with some BBQ butter for the ultimate summer treat.

3. Lemon-Garlic Glazed Corn on the Cob
This recipe for corn on the cob takes it to a whole new level by not just serving the corn with some butter, but actually cooking the corn in butter. Yeah, you heard us. The butter is mixed with garlic, olive oil (to reduce the saturated fat content as much as possible), lemon juice, salt and pepper, and the corn is boiled in this mixture. The finishing touch? Drizzle the corn with the lemon-garlic butter sauce from the pan. Boom.