Protect Your Phone from Your Kids
If you have kids who love to play with your iPhone you probably fear that they might accidentally delete a valuable app or piece of information you need. Fear no more. The “accessibility” feature allows users to essentially lock their phone to usage of one app, so you can protect against accidental harm from your kids. When this setting is turned on, your kids can use that app freely without deleting something you need elsewhere on your phone. Simply go to “Settings” then the “General” tab, and then turn on the “Guided Access” feature.

Respond to Texts Faster
How annoying is it when you get a text message and you need to swipe to unlock your home screen, enter your passcode and then go to your text message app just to reply to a friend? Yeah, we think it’s a pain in the butt too. It’s a few too many clicks for our taste. But guess what, it doesn’t have to be! If you want to respond to a text directly from your lock screen or without exiting another app simply pull down from the notification tab, swipe to the left to see the “Respond” option and type your response.

Quit Group Conversations
Group texts are fun for about 5 minutes, and then they can just get annoying especially if your friends are super chatty and you’re trying to work. If you want to leave a group text, select the “Details” button within that text conversation, and then select “Leave this Conversation.” Your friends will see a notification that you exited the group, so they might give you a hard time for peacing out early, but at least you won’t hear non-stop dings every time someone has something to say.