11. Open Lines of Communication
Even though marriage counseling is over, co-parenting means the need for you to communicate is not. Limit conversations to the subject at hand—your children—and try not to veer off into provocative topics.

12. Flexibility
It is always best to have an alternative plan for times when your ex may be unavailable to pick up or watch your child. Having that extra back-up may means you aren’t always relying on one person.

13. Crisis Control
You and your ex should have a clear plan for handling emergencies. You should both have the same emergency contact list and you should have an agreed upon protocol in the case of an unexpected event.

14. Parenting Styles
Both of you should be very clear on what sort of discipline is necessary and effective for your child. Confirm that you have the same methods. Just as it is helpful to have consistent rules, it is also an easier, less jarring experience for your child to be disciplined consistently by both of you.