Although a festive day in Mexico, Americans and the Latino community in the States celebrate Cinco de Mayo as well—after all, it is a good reason to party and eat delicious foods we don’t normally eat. As with any celebration, we can’t settle for less than the perfect, occasion-appropriate outfit—and this, my friends, includes your manicure.

Dare to kiss your plain jane mani goodbye and go for unique, fun colors to wear on May 5. Remember, nail art is in—don’t be afraid to sport bright, neon hues or elaborate designs. Just keep in mind your nails must be short and in perfect condition—that means taking good care of your cuticles, too. So go ahead, join this traditional fiesta and celebrate the Mexican heritage in style. 

Try a Fun Cinco de Mayo Manicure-Patriotic

Specktor’s Nails via Pinterest

This one is simple, but the combination of colors plus the accent finger make it special for Cinco de Mayo and it’s totally foolproof even if you’re not exactly a pro. You can paint the coat of arms or eagle by hand, but the easiest way is to find stickers at your local Michael’s store or through Etsy.

How to Do It

  • You’ll need three main colors: green, red and white.
  • Apply base coat to hold nail polish longer.
  • Paint the thumb and index fingers green, the middle and ring fingers white, and red for the pinky. Two coats will be enough and wait a couple of minutes between them.
  • Place or paint the design on ring finger. Be careful in this step! You don’t want to mess up the first coats.
  • Finish with top coat.

Recommendations: Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color Eastern Light ($30) • Essie Pretty Edgy ($6) • Dior Vernis Red Royalty ($24)

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Try a Fun Cinco de Mayo Manicure-Funny

Image via Pinterest

Mariachis and Mexican-related cartoons are often associated with moustaches, and these have been everywhere for the past few months (Movember, anyone?). To add a funny touch to your manicure, try moustaches. It’s relatively quick to do and you would only need one or two nail polish colors—this example shows a nude color, but by all means use red or green to make it more “Mexican”. For the lazy gals out there, many brands even have moustache nail stickers!

How to Do It

  • Start with base coat.
  • Paint two coats of nude nail polish. Allow two minutes between each one, as nude/clear polish tends to be runny.
  • Carefully paint the moustache with black nail polish and a fine brush. If you’re using stickers, both coats of nude nail polish must be dry as you need to press the little moustaches gently.
  • Finish with top coat.

Recommendations: Tom Ford Nail Lacquer Toasted Sugar ($30) • Nail Rock Big Money Nail Wraps ($11)

Try a Fun Cinco de Mayo Manicure-Artistic

BeautyGnome via Pinterest

For those who love nail art (or if you’re a mami with tons of free time) try this option. Bright, colorful manicures are always traffic-stoppers but even more so if you add skulls! If you don’t know, skull designs are very popular in Mexico, especially for Día de Los Muertos. People will definitely notice your hands and get the idea! Our advice? Be patient and wait until each coat of polish is dry to continue.

How to Do It

  • Apply base coat.
  • Then apply two coats of watermelon-colored nail polish. Bright orange, neon pink or even red are also great alternatives!
  • You’ll need black and white polish to make the skulls. As for tools, we recommend a fine brush and an orange stick.
  • Add polka dots in different colors! It’s fun and girly at the same time and it will look so festive.
  • Finish off with top coat to protect your design.

Recommendations: Zoya Nail Polish Kylie2 ($8) plus any other color for the little dots!