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I am Chuy Bravo-Gato, the #1 cat fan of my Latin idol, superstar icon Chuy Bravo. Just like him, I believe in celebrating those who embrace the spirit of their own uniqueness.

What Chelsea Handler’s diminutive sidekick Chuy lacks in size, he more than makes up for in mega-hilarious personality. Jesus Malgoza—aka Chuy Bravo—came to L.A. from Mexico as a starry-eyed teenager and, after decades of struggle, finally struck comic gold in 2012 on the wildly popular Chelsea Lately. Chuy’s ability to laugh at himself and say just the wrong thing at just the right moment make him a hit with fans and A-listers alike. Always a fighter, and refusing to let his small stature (he was diagnosed with Dwarfism and stands 4’ 3”) hold him back, Chuy persevered through years of bit parts in movies to become the first-ever Latino talk show sidekick. He recently overcame a lifelong fear of water to appear on ABC’s celebrity diving competition Splash, but was forced to withdraw in the second week when he broke his heel. Now that he’s cemented his spot in TV history, there’s no question Chuy is here to stay.

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Being a teacup kitty (I prefer the term ‘teacup’ to ‘miniature’, thank you.) myself, I was thrilled when I first caught sight of Chuy on TV. And when I heard that he also has a fear of water, I knew we were soulmates.

What Makes Chuy Bravo-Gato Purr

  • I have a real soft spot for Toy Poodles and Chihuahuas.
  • I just love a jaunty cap! My own collection is quite vast.
  • A big bowl of Whiskas with a catnip chaser really hits the spot.
  • Napping is one of my greatest hobbies.

What Gets Chuy Bravo-Gato’s Dander Up

  • Shrill old ladies who can’t stop squealing about what an ‘adorable kitten’ I am. I’m a full-fledged adult!
  • The stairs are a daily struggle for me.
  • I can’t stand quitters.
  • I will raise a ruckus if my breakfast is late.

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