UPDATED June 17th, 2017

Most women have it and many have struggled to find the best facial hair removal method. And by best we mean least painful, least irritating and quickest. Let’s face it, nothing ruins your day like looking in the mirror to see a chin hair or two waving back. There are many causes of unwanted facial hair but fluctuating hormones are the most common. You may have noticed it increases and gets even more stubborn just before your period. Then there’s menopause…oh joy. So here’s how to deal!

It’s probably your first instinct and it’s an instant fix but tweezing can get tedious long-term. On the plus side, it takes a while to grow back.

Facial hair removal cream is a fairly easy way to take care of business but, since you’re only removing hair on the surface, it will come back more quickly. Depilatories can also irritate sensitive skin.

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Waxing isn’t the best option for a few reasons. Hot wax could cause burns and the hair needs to be about a quarter of an inch long so you’ll need to let it grow out.

Many women swear by threading because there are no chemicals involved. This technique is essentially plucking but you can remove several hairs at once and it’s fairly precise. Another plus is that it takes a while for that pesky chin hair to grow back and it doesn’t need to be very long for threading to work. If you don’t want to go to a salon, check out Raji Osahn’s YouTube tutorial.


There are a number of inexpensive facial epilators on the market. Like waxing and threading, epilating is another way to pluck many hairs at once so it’s pretty painful. Since your chin isn’t one of the most sensitive spots that may not be an issue.

That’s right, ladies can shave their faces too. All of the plucking methods can lead to ingrown hairs, which can be worse than long ones. Shaving is actually one of the gentlest hair removal methods on your skin and, contrary to popular belief, it won’t make your hair grow back thicker.


We’ve saved the best for last. Laser hair removal is by far the best, most permanent route. It’s easy on your skin and over time the hair will stop growing back. It’s more expensive than the rest but totally worth it. The Tria Hair Removal Laser makes it possible to zap unwanted hair at home.