You and your smartphone are literally joined at the hip. It’s the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning and the last thing you see at night. Some people have more intimate relationships with their smartphones than they have with real people. Researchers at Kent State University found that students who spent more time on their smartphones were more anxious and didn’t do as well academically.

If you are driven to tears when you can’t get cell service or you find yourself making a u-turn on your way to work because your heart stops as you realize you left your phone at home, you just might have a cell phone addiction. If you’re still not convinced you spend too much time on your smartphone, here are 20 signs of a cell phone addiction.

1. Group Text is your version of coffee with the girls.
Send a group text inviting everyone to meet at a cafe!

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2. The buzz of your phone on vibrate is the most action you’ve had all month.
That’s not good for anyone.

3. Twitter updates are your form of breaking news.
#GrandmaDied is no way to break the news to your kids.