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Cute, Non-Nerdy Ways to Rock Your Winter Caps and Hats

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Cold weather is upon us so it's time to pull out your warm winter caps. Even better, treat yourself to a couple of new ones while you're braving the cold to buy gifts for everyone on your list. If you aren't a hat person — you know, one…

From 'Resting Bitchface' to 'Fish Gape': Face Trends to Know Now

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WTF is resting bitchface? Remember back in the day when you simply turned to face the camera to smile and that was that? All you could hope for was that your roll of film stayed intact and that you didn’t come out with your eyes closed in…

Theme Wedding Ideas: Yay or Nay?

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When it comes to wedding ideas, themes are great for couples with big and creative personalities since they usually require a lot of extra work. Themes can range anywhere from retro vintage parties with lace trimmings to a Back to the Future…

Your New Go-To Lingerie Upgrade List

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Every woman needs to indulge in a lingerie upgrade now and then. When you're piling on layers to ward off winter chills, having something slinky and silky against your skin reminds you to channel your inner bombshell. As Senior Manager of…

Intentional Ink: In Defense Tattoo Ideas that Are Meaningful

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Tattoo ideas serve a lot of purposes, depending on how they are designed and what they stand for. Sometimes tattoos are a source of rebellion, and for some people they are a way to commemorate a life event, a loss or a struggle. Sometimes…

The Great Inner Thigh Gap: Behold Thighbrows

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The latest body trend gone wild on the internet has to do with your inner thigh gap, and it’s called (brace yourself) the thighbrow. Now, before we explain it to you, be certain of two things: there isn’t any arched facial hair pasted…

Alternative at the Altar: 15 Ways to Have a Non-Traditional Wedding

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In a world where marriage is being redefined, many brides are opting for a non-traditional wedding. Rather than throwing out all of the old customs, they prefer to add their own unique twist to this beloved institution and making their special…

Ace Your Space: 7 Affordable Furniture Brands that Aren’t Ikea

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Decorating your home with affordable furniture is no easy task. It requires time, creativity, patience, vision, passion and some really great products. Before you plan to dip into your savings account, we’ve got good news for you: it can…

Baby Room Ideas for Babies with Parents who Don't Play by the Rules

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You’ve got a baby on board, you’ve already battled morning sickness and somehow, despite the back-and-forth negotiations, you even settled on a name for your baby. The hard part of baby prep is over, right? Not exactly. Getting your baby…