Unexpected New Years Eve Looks That Will Turn Heads

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It’s almost a new year, and there’s never been a better time to embrace a new you, and experiment with some new looks. But don’t wait for 2016 to kick off your fresh face. New Years Eve looks are the perfect excuse to get creative with…

Style Files: 9 Fashion & Beauty Blogs we Can’t Live Without

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Beauty blogs? Really? Back in our younger years we were hooked on fashion magazines to get the latest advice on what makeup to buy and how to rock wide-legged jeans, baby-tees and Doc Martins. Yeah, it was a long time ago. Since then styles…

Chromatic Curation: What Colors Should I Wear and Why?

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Instead of, 'What should I wear?' you might want to ask, 'What colors should I wear?' We've come a long way from figuring out which season we are á la Carol Jackson's '80s bestseller Color Me Beautiful. Beyond choosing clothes that flatter…

Bra Rah Rah: The Best Bras to Wear Throughout Summer

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Oh summertime, we love you so. The fresh air, the long days, the bronzed skin…doesn’t get much better than that. If only we didn’t also have to deal with the dreaded boob sweat and perpetual (but often unsuccessful) search for the best…

5 Spring Trends to Help You Repurpose Fall/Winter Accessories

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There’s simply no rational reason to think of spring trends versus winter trends, or to divide your wardrobe into seasonal categories anymore, ladies. These days, with unpredictable weather patterns that offer us chilly spring nights or…

Glove Love: How to Wear Winter Gloves with Style

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Have you taken a look a good look at your winter gloves lately? They can easily look grubby after one season, and when it’s dreary outside, it’s easy to brighten up even the most basic black coat with some new, stylish gloves. “Just…

Shape Shifting: How to Win at Bra Fitting and Pick the Perfect Bra for Your Shape

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We've all heard about the importance of proper bra fitting, and it makes perfect sense, but few of us actually take the time to be professionally fitted. In fact, last year Jockey reported that, "53 percent of women have never been professionally…

Layer Power: How to Use Them for Ultimate Winter Clothes Chic

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When the first days of spring arrive, and the shedding of clothing begins, a feeling of nostalgia for winter with all its necessary, yet elegant layering inevitably sets in for some. That special kind of dressing ritual, which requires several…

Corporate Couture: 15 Essential Tips for Looking Chic at Work

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When thinking about clothes for women at the office, sensible and power suit are two of the first things that come to mind. Even in today's more enlightened times women are still only paid, on average, 78₵ for every dollar her male counterpart…