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Cuticle Care: Should You Always Be Cutting Yours?

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There’s no denying that manicures can make you feel great and that well-maintained hands and nails can be the perfect accessory to any look. When you get a manicure you just feel better, and even a quick glance down at your perfectly shaped…

When Is It Actually Okay to Wear Eyelash Extensions?

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Raise your hand if you have never worn eyelash extensions. Women everywhere want long, healthy eyelashes that add the perfect amount of pop and sparkle to our eyes, but unfortunately most of us aren’t blessed with such naturally gorgeous…

The Beauty App List You Need in Your Life

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Just as Uber revolutionized the the way we get from place to place, the on-demand beauty app is revolutionizing how we get glam. Yes, there is something to be said for savoring the experience of going to a salon or spa and soaking up the ambiance…

Nail Polish Tips and Tricks: The Art of the Fast Dry

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For most of us, the top nail polish tips and tricks we'd really kill for involve how to make nail polish dry faster. There's nothing more aggravating than achieving the perfect manicure only to smudge one nail because you didn't have the patience…

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Grooming

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Some people love spending hours getting ready each day and look forward to beauty and grooming appointments at the salon. Other people don’t exactly have that kind of free time and don’t live such a glamorous lifestyle. If your hectic…

No Lather, No Problem: How to Use Dry Shampoos 8 Great Ways

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Do you have a young child and barely time to shower? Is the gym drying out your hair from daily shampooing? Then it sounds like how to use dry shampoo is something you need in your life, since no one wants to show face with limp and greasy…

Great Hair, Don’t Care: 7 Ways to Make Your Blow Out Last

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A great hair day is sometimes hard to come by. You’re running around, you’re sweating, you’re dealing with some bad-hair-day weather (ugh humidity), and you probably don’t have much free time to make your mane look perfect. So when…

No-Stress Tresses: 8 Good Hair Styles that Always Work After the Gym

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If you thought that actually working out was the hardest part of your gym routine, you were mistaken. Turns out that finding a way to look presentable when you leave the gym is just as much of a challenge, and finding good hairstyles for post-workouts…

8 Bath and Body Products to Make Your Soak Close to Divine

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At the end of a long day there is nothing better than a relaxing bath replete with the crème de la crème of bath and body products. After all, any activity that helps us soothe our muscles, ease our mind and unwind from the chaos of our…