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Wig Shopping With My Son

Wig Shopping With My Son: First Stressed, Then Impressed

My nine-year-old son recently begged me to go shopping and it wasn’t to buy Legos at his usual favorite toy store. Armed with $40 saved from birthday gifts, my inquisitive child instead wanted to go to Ricky's, a chain of beauty and make up…
6 tips for the perfect at home manicure

Summer Shades for your Nails

Back-to-school shopping and chilly weather may seem right around the corner, but we’re still having some summer fun—with our nails. Whether you play it safe or love all things bright, dip into one of these long-lasting nail colors to…

Best Eco-Friendly Beauty Products!

There’s nothing like a record heat wave to remind us we should be kind to Mother Earth. Fortunately, the lavish and ever-expanding list of socially conscious beauty brands makes living eco-friendly and cruelty-free a treat from head-to-toe!. Surya…

How to Attain Truly Effortless Beauty

Watching an episode of the Real Housewives of the O.C. (or Beverly Hills) is mesmerizingly entertaining; but it can leave you yearning for just one housewife who isn’t always perfectly coifed, displays anything below a C cup, talks with…
10 yoga terms that you pretend to know-Photo5

How to Pamper Yourself As a New Mom!

When you’re busy being supermami it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself. Set aside at least one hour a week for a little nurturing and rejuvenation to replenish your inner resources. It is possible to treat yourself like a queen…