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Five At-Home Gel Manicure Kits You Should Own

If you’ve been getting a gel manicure for years, it can hard to let the habit go. But let’s face it: weekly gel nails are pricey, and we don’t always have the time to go to the salon right when our mani is crying for it. Luckily, at-home…

Growing Out is Hard to Do: Short Hair Tips

UPDATED August 1st, 2016 If you've ever tried to grow out your short hair, you know it's hard! In the late 60’s, a doll named Crissy was manufactured by the Ideal Toy Company. Chrissy’s main feature was that her hair could be made…

The Mane Event

Editor’s Note: We winterize our cars, but not the driver. Time to take care of mami, and winter is the perfect time to detox and refresh. This Detoxing From Head to Toe series will help you do just that. The first thing you need to know…

Best Holiday Nail Polish

Nail polish is a must during the holidays! But, which to use? Since its UK debut in 2008, Illamasqua nail varnishes have taken the fashion and celebrity world by storm. Inspired by the dark and illicit glamour and decadence of Berlin's…

Top Holiday Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is a staple for the holidays. Here are my favorites. Okay, my beauty-consumed chicas. It's time to get glossed. Really glossed. Lip glosses are the je ne sais quoi of lip products, the finishing touch none of our lips can live…

Flash Balms for Instant Beauty During the Holidays

There's no way to get through holiday shopping/partying/traveling/not-sleeping-enough/up-all- night-wrapping-presents/dry, freezing weather—without the aptly-named Beauty Flash Balm ($45) by Clarins. The iconic, fast-acting mask that…

Top Holiday Eye Shadows

What holiday eye shadows to choose from? Here are my faves! What do you love more, chocolate and gold or onyx and silver? Exactly. You can't choose. Thank you. There's no point in stressing; you're just going to have to get both of these…

5 Easy Tips to Get Webcam Ready

It's a brave new communications world of Skype, FaceTime, vlogs, video messaging, video conferencing, YouTube, and whatever new technology is right around the corner. It's made it possible for many of use to work from home. But talking on…

Lessons on Life via Red Lipstick

When I was a child, I loved nothing more than watching Mami apply her makeup in the bathroom every morning before heading off to work—the most glamorous civil servant in Havana, Cuba—and then again every Friday and Saturday night to…