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Tone Up Your Beauty Routine This Spring

Tone up your skin this spring, with these tips from an expert. Renée Rouleau is a gorgeous Harley-riding blonde who also happens to be one of the leading skin care experts on the planet. Her two spas in Dallas and Plano, Texas, have…

Are Pretty Girls Really More Successful?

Don’t hate Samantha Brick because she thinks she’s one of the pretty girls. Hate our double standard of sexism. Three scenarios, within three weeks: The other day, a group of workmen were having lunch on my corner. I considered crossing…

How to Achieve a Voluminous Head of Hair

If having big, fat, full hair seems like an impossible dream, if your locks are looking as limp, flat, and droopy as over-boiled capellini (the pasta whose name literally means “thin hair”), I’ve got the solution to change your waning…

Blue Eyeshadow Makes a Comeback

There are the blues and then there are Les Bleus. Blue eyeshadow has come a long, long way from the scary Mad Men days of frosted pastel eyelids. Modern blues evoke the natural brightness and lightness of the sea and flowers; they’re totally…

Anti-Aging Makeup for Tween Girls?

What woman doesn't remember dipping into her mother’s cosmetics, as a little girl, and playing dress-up? The result was always a splash of over-made lipstick, blush and heavy eye shadow. It was all, just for fun, and we never left the…

How to Detox Your Skin

Something telling happened last year on Black Friday. Celebrity aesthetician Kate Somerville, founder of the celebrated Skin Health Experts clinic in Los Angeles, had a sale on her Web site. Thirty percent off everything in her skin care…

Kiss & Tell: Delicious Lipsticks, Glosses and Balms for Spring

Nothing says sexy more than big, beautiful, kissable lips decked out with a beautiful lipstick. I’ve got some juicy-fresh ideas for yours that you’ll heart for far beyond Valentine’s Day. Philosophy Kiss Me Exfoliating Lip Scrub ($15) Chapped…

Everything's Coming Up Roses

On Valentine’s Day you don’t want flowers. They wilt. You don’t want candy. Too fattening. You know what you want, chica. Beauty. Beauty, beauty, beauty. And more beauty. I have a ton of beautiful ideas that won’t wilt or make you…

The Psychology of Hair: A Mane Obsession

UPDATED August 1st, 2016 “I’m going to grow out my hair,” I announced to my partner Joseph as we were entering our apartment building. For him, the comment came out of the blue. For me, it was a subject I’d been musing about for…