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15 Health Benefits of Strawberries-SliderPhoto

15 Health Benefits of Strawberries

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Summer brings us vacations, warm days and cookouts. Best of all, it brings that wonderful fruit, strawberries. As the plant’s distinctive white flowers turn to deep red fruit, celebrate May 20, National Strawberry Picking Day. Strawberries…
25 Bad Spending Habits You Must Break-SliderPhoto

25 Bad Spending Habits You Must Break!

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May 20 is Be a Millionaire Day. You may want to celebrate by imagining you are a millionaire and fantasize about spending all that money. But, if you are like most of us, you are not really a millionaire and have to watch how you spend your…

10 New Bikes to Get Psyched About

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May is National Bike Month and we’re celebrating this 48 year old holiday by giving you the dish on ten new bikes you should be psyched about! Riding your bike is awesome. It feels good, keeps you in great shape and is a fun way to pass…

15 Ways (Other than a Tip) to Appreciate Waiters & Waitresses

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May 21 is National Waiter & Waitresses Day. We love dining out when we can, so we’re all about celebrating around here! From lousy tippers to talking back, waiters and waitresses are often disrespected and left wishing they had made…

10 Successful Women to Emulate if You Want to be Rich

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May 20 is Be a Millionaire Day. Most of us imagine that the only way to get rich is to win the lottery, We play mental games of “what if” and make lists of how our lives would change. For a lucky few, those dreams come true when they pick…
Life Lessons Only Grandparents Can Teach Us-MainPhoto

15 Life Lessons Only Grandparents Can Teach Us

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Louisa May Alcott said, “A house needs a grandma in it.” While she may have been right, most of us are not afforded that comfort anymore. Our culture has a way of creating isolation among family members as we spread across the country…
Graduation Presents your Kids won’t Expect From You-SliderPhoto

12 Graduation Presents Your Kids Won’t Expect from You

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It’s that time of year, when school draws to a close and graduation ceremonies pop up like dandelions. Chances are you’ll know someone who, after hard work or maybe dumb luck, is graduating this month. If the graduate is a relative, a…