National Anti-Boredom Month: Indoor Fun For Kids

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With two young children, I know the heat of summer can be a big downer. July is often one of the hottest months of the year, so it’s fitting that it’s National Anti-Boredom month. Except we often get a little stumped when it comes to thinking…

Are Children Reading the Wrong Books in School?

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Last week my 12 year-old stepdaughter asked me to help her pick out a historical fiction book for a school assignment. I helped her find a few options, but it wasn’t easy. Historical fiction has quite a broad definition. Many novels are…

Online: The New Modern Generation

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It turns out that your kids are doing a lot more than just texting and IMing with their smartphones, tablets and laptops. According to the Internet Innovation Alliance, they’re a generation connected to broadband in a completely unprecedented…

New Census Data Foretells a Multicultural Majority

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For the first time ever, the majority of American children under 5 years of age are non-white, according to new a Census Bureau report. The data, gathered in 2012, shows that in particular, immigration and high birth rates among Latinos has…

Online Universities: A Cost-Saving Path to a College Degree

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The recent recession has adversely affected most segments of the population, but especially Latinos. And while the country struggles to recover, some reports suggest that lack of higher  education opportunities is stalling Latino advancement…

How to Find Summer Childcare

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With summer break around the corner or already here, many parents face the dilemma of making childcare arrangements. There are no school schedules to work around, fewer extracurricular activities, no homework that you have to help facilitate—just…

Gay as the New Normal

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Sometimes parents’ dreams for their children are deferred or redefined. One of those instances is when parents have to face the reality of having a gay son or daughter. For Fela Rodriguez, an elementary school teacher, knowing that her daughter…

Meet Mando: Sesame Street’s New Hispanic Character

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This fall, Sesame Street kicks off its 44th season with a nod to the Latino community as the show introduces its newest Hispanic character. Armando—or “Mando” as he is nicknamed— took the stage at the PBS annual meeting this past Tuesday,…

Remembering Hispanic War Heroes on Memorial Day

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Memorial Day is the day we remember and honor the men and women of the United States Armed Forces who gave their lives for our country. Originally, the holiday was created to remember the fallen soldiers of the Civil War, on both the Union…