Nutritious Avocado Bites-MainPhoto

Kids in the Kitchen: Nutritious Avocado Bites

Any reason to use avocados is a good enough reason to make these avocado quinoa bites. They are dairy-free, gluten-free, and chock full of fresh vegetables: spinach, tomatoes, onions, avocado, parsley...and healthy proteins. This recipe combines…
Teething Bagels for the New Years Baby-MainPhoto

Food & Family: Teething Bagels for the New Years Baby

Happy New Year from Mamiverse Food! In addition to the New Years Baby, many little ones will be needing something soothing when those little pearly whites start coming in. So, for Baby New Year 2013 and all those tiny tots needing some teething…
Beccaglia-Kid Friendly Holiday Food-MainPhoto

Kid-Friendly: Holiday Food for Babies

The holidays are stressful enough without having to worry about everyone’s special dietary needs (I am one of those picky eaters). Then there is coming up with holiday food for babies. A friend called me a few days ago to help her prepare…
Healthy Whole Grains for the Lunchbox-MainPhoto

Back-to-School: Healthy Whole Grains for the Lunchbox

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I made an art of packing lunches when my children were little and found it to be an exciting way to introduce them to new and flavorful food. Nothing made me happier than to clean out their empty lunch boxes when they returned from school…
It's Time for Delicious Apple Recipes!-MainPhoto

It's Time for Delicious Apple Recipes!

Everything You Need to Know about America’s Favorite Fruit Its undeniable: the days are getting shorter, the grasses are going to seed,  the beginning of autumn is here! Sure, you’ll have to pack away the beach gear and pull out the…
Lunch Inside the Box!-MainPhoto

Back-to-School: Lunch Inside the Box!

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I remember my first lunch box as if it were just yesterday.  It was a red and green plaid lunch pail with silver hinges that twinkled with the sunlight. Every day, I would open it and stare wide-eyed at its wondrous contents. I would…

Blackberry Ice Pops-Paletas de Mora

Making naturally fruity, refreshing ice pops is easier than ever when you use GOYA® Blackberry Fruit Pulp. Already mashed and seeded, the bright blackberry fruit pulp is simply sweetened with a touch of honey, and then frozen in molds. Easy…
Ham & Cheese Empanadas-MainPhoto

Ham & Cheese Empanadas: Empanadas de Jamón y Queso

Empanadas are a classic staple of Latin American cuisine but some of the fillings can be a bit overwhelming for small kids who have yet to develop a palate for "grown-up" flavors. For this reason, I created these simple but totally yummy fillings…

Picadillo & Sweet Plantain Casserole (Pastelón)

Savory & Sweet Plantain Casserole Tonight, let this delicious Pastelón be the star of your dinner table! In this family-style Caribbean casserole, a sweet plantain puree made from frozen GOYA® Ripe Plantains and a savory ground beef…