Hosting In the New Year: 3 Great Dip Recipes

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The New Year is upon us and dip recipes are a staple for planning upcoming celebrations throughout the year. As a party starter everyone loves a good dip, and these three dip recipes are a delightful variation on the theme. The Crab Rangoon…
Maggie Jimenez's Ham and Cheese Stuffed Chayotes-MainPhoto

Maggie Jimenez’s Ham & Cheese Stuffed Chayote Recipe

Chayote is a gourd-like fruit similar to cucumbers, squash and melon. It is usually cooked like a summer squash, and sometimes less so to retain its crispness. Although most people are familiar only with the fruit as being edible, the root,…

Bread Winning: 12 Homemade Recipes that Will Bring You Back to Carbs

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The words homemade bread alone are enough to get us drooling. Sadly however, most of us have given up carbs, particularly bread, at one point of our lives. You probably remember how painful it was to go out to dinner and have to ignore the…

Spicy Juicy Lucy-fer Sliders Recipe

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The name might sound creepy but this delicious sliders recipe from Food is not just for Halloween. Serve them up as an appetizer at any gathering and your guests will be asking for morgue!To ensure a nice browned top to your sliders…

Raw Escapism: 10 Ceviche Ideas that Taste Like a Vacation

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Some foods have the ability to take you to another place. You are instantly transported to a time when you enjoyed those flavors or that specific dish. Amazing al dente pasta makes us feel like we are exploring Tuscany, piña coladas take…
Buffalo Wings with Ranch Dressing-MainPhoto

Allergy-Free Football Food: Buffalo Wings with Ranch Dressing

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Buffalo wings are usually dependent on peanut oil, butter, and creamy ranch or blue cheese dressing. This allergy-free version is tangy, crispy, and succulent, perfect for game night or a barbecue. Or in my house any time my kids chant, “we…
Keeping Cool with the Cool Guys-MainPhoto

Keeping Cool with the Cool Guys: Cucumber Recipes

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Who said cucumbers are lame and boring? Cucumbers are cool vegetables and not because they actually keep you cool and hydrated. They are literally cool! Cucumbers should be given a special, honorable, place in the green aisle. They are simply…

Corn on the Cob Redefined

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Corn on the cob brings back childhood memories of barbecues and summer family gatherings. We’d get special permission to stay up late and count the stars as they emerged from the dark blue blanket of sky above us. These days, I’m often…
Coconut Shrimp Minis With Tropical Sauce-SliderPhoto

Coconut Shrimp Minis With Tropical Sauce

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Memorial Day weekend is here! This means long lingering days by the pool or beach, and lots and lots of hosting and entertaining. Looking for a last minute appetizer that’s simple and easy to prepare? These delicious coconut shrimp minis…