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Go Time: 8 of the Best Family Vacations for Spring and Summer

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UPDATED June 13th, 2018 It’s spring! Finally! And while this warmer, sunnier and more cheerful season is a welcomed change from winter for many people across the country, it also comes with its own challenges, like planning the best family…

How to Create a Blog: Is it Too Late?

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Feel like you’re too late to the blogging party? Don’t even know how to create a blog? No worries about tardiness, it’s never too late in the ever-expanding blogosphere to join in. Just ask The Happy Seeker’s Christopher Foster, a…

How to Create Good Work Ethic for Yourself

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A good work ethic is key to success on the job (and in life). Much has been made of Millennials' entitled attitude towards work while Baby Boomers are often considered old-fashioned because of their 'it's not really a job unless you're suffering'…

Entrepreneurship 101: How to Grow Your Customer Base

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Starting your own business is a big deal; it can be scary as you enter uncharted territory for your career and your future, but it can also be exciting, rewarding and really successful if you do it right. And one of the hardest parts about…

9 Reasons You Need to Hire a Virtual Assistant

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Feeling overwhelmed with research, calls, emails and scheduling so many meetings? If it seems that your personal errands aren’t allowing you to get to your core tasks at work to boot, maybe you need to rethink a new type of delegation strategy—cue…

How to Win at Your Office Secret Santa this Year

The Secret Santa gift exchange is a holiday tradition in many offices. It definitely takes the pressure off of having to come up with an individual card or gift for everyone but it can still be pretty stressful. Especially if you wind up with…

Working Girl: How to Give Your Home Office Desk Some Aesthetic Love

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Every day has 24 useful hours, but chances are you spend a LOT of those hours at your home office desk, and unless you’re one of the lucky few whose office boasts a beautiful view, your desk is probably a little dark and depressing to look…

To CC or BCC, That is the Question (What Does CC and BCC Mean anyway?)

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Have you ever stopped to think about what does CC and BCC mean when it comes to proper email etiquette? They actually have very old-school roots: Carbon Copy and Blind Carbon Copy. Kids today have probably never even heard of a carbon copy!…

15 Little Ways You Are Guilty of Rampant Self-Sabotaging

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All of us are guilty of self-sabotaging behavior on occasion and most of us don't even realize we're doing it! That's why it's so insidious and destructive if you let it go unchecked. The main thing to remember is that self-sabotaging is all…

10 Great Work Appropriate Halloween Costumes

Work appropriate Halloween costumes are always a little tricky (Pun intended!) to figure out. This probably goes without saying, but sexy kitty — in fact sexy anything — is never a good idea for the office. And, though it's tempting this…