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How to Experience a Full-Fledged Vacation without Ever Leaving Your Couch

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Staycation is a fancy term for spending your vacation at home and hopefully from the comforts of your couch. The secret to enjoying time off, on your couch, is to forget about your daily routines and truly make it a vacay.  Don’t do the…

Sky Grubbin: The Best Airline Food Ever

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Let’s face it; airline food is as tasty as our memories of school cafeteria lunches sometimes. We all like to complain how insipid, even gross, airplane food is, especially when you are squeezed in economy class for eight hours trying…

Thanksgiving Travel Hooky: 10 Tips to Get You Off the Hook

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Contrary to popular belief, not all Thanksgiving travel is a nightmare of traffic jams, delayed flights and crowded airports. If you plan wisely, it can actually be the best time to visit many popular tourist destinations while the masses…

Go Now: 7 Life-Changing Trips to Take on Bus Lines or Trains

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Travel has always been an amazing opportunity to expand your experiences, to learn about the world and to have an adventure. Once upon a time, it was pretty easy to hop on a flight and see the world. Long before you had to worry about potential…

Yurt Gonna Love It! 10 Awesome Facts about Yurt Homes

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Though the yurt, an ancient cylindrical dwelling, provides the ultimate getaway for an eco-friendly urbanite of today, its origins were based on a quite different need. These sturdy and reliable tents allowed nomadic tribes a habitation that…

Bucket List Ideas to Book: 10 Places You Have to See Before You Die

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It’s undeniable that sometimes taking a break from reality and exploring the world can soothe your soul and re-invigorate you—which is why it’s time to get your bucket list ideas in check. 13th century famous poet Rumi once said “travel…

Farecasting: The Subtle Art of Being a Savvy Flight Price Predictor

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Why aren’t we all using a flight price predictor? We all go through the stress of not knowing whether to hit that ‘buy’ button on that pricy air fare or not. Should we wait to see if the price goes down further? But if we wait too long,…

Cultural Crash Course: 10 World Cities to Visit for a Quick Dose of Hispanic Heritage

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Carlos Fuentes, a Mexican author we love, once said, “What the United States does best is to understand itself. What it does worst is understand others.” We have to agree with him there as we observe cultural insensitivity and a sense…

The “Laycation”: How to Turn Your Long Layover Into a Fab Little Vacay

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Don’t just waste your time on a layover sitting in an airport browsing sunglasses you don’t need and Hudson News tabloid headlines for five hours. Get out of the airport and spend a few days in a new city by either extending that business…