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How to Max Out Your Memorial Day Activities

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May 30 will be here before you know it and we've got your Memorial Day activities covered so you can make the most of the long weekend that signals the unofficial start of summer. Although reflecting on those who died in service to our country…
The Mother Road Why You Should Still Get Your Kicks on Route 66-MainPhoto

The Mother Road: Route 66 is Still the Place to Get Your Kicks

Route 66, also known as the Mother Road and the Main Street of America, may have had its heyday years ago, but it’s definitely still worth a drive. Construction of the highway began in 1926 and it became one of the most famous roads in America.…

8 Hot Springs Resort Destinations You Have to Visit

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Ever been to a hot springs resort? If you’re looking to plan a vacation that isn’t just a trip, it’s also an adventure, then you need to look beyond the typical tourist destinations, historical cities, beach towns and ski resorts. You…

Architectural Bliss: The 15 Best Places to Visit in USA

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Incredible architectural landmarks are some of the best places to visit in USA. From classic to contemporary, American architecture is as diverse as our people. It's time to start planning those summer vacations so make sure to include one…

Era of Awesome: How to Find an Airbnb Location for Your Dream Vacay

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We all dream of a perfect vacation—it’s what gets us through the day when work is insane, life is chaotic and we really really need a break. While once upon a time staying at a hotel was the only option, times have changed and these days…

Wanderlust: Slick Vacation Ideas for 2016

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If you want to make 2016 your best travel year yet but can't come up with awesome vacation ideas, look no further! So far, it's shaping up to be a great year for finding adventure and discovering new places. According to a TripAdvisor poll,…

Your New Go-To Hotels List for 2016

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New year, new travel goals. As we kick off 2016, the sad realization that the holidays have come and gone sets in, which means one thing: time to plan your next vacation. And we’ve got good news for you: there are a LOT of unbelievable hotels…

Sojourning Right: 10 Winter Vacation Ideas that are Non-Tourist Traps

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Usually the go-to winter vacation ideas involve beaches or skiing. Unfortunately, when everyone is thinking the same thing those destinations can be crowded and pricey. Once you've made it through the hectic holiday season — battling crowds…

Out of Town: How to Spend the Winter Holidays in Your Bikini

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Sure, when it comes to the winter holidays there is something charming and festive about a white Christmas. Snow falling outside your window, warm sweaters and curling up in front of a fire while you sip hot cocoa all seem like appropriate…