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How to Promote Your Blog Using Social Media

For many bloggers who are new to blogging, getting the word out about your new venture can seem like a pretty big obstacle. How do you build readership from scratch and get people to comment? Why is it that when you post a link to your blog…

How Being a Mom Blogger Made Me a Happier Wife & Mother

Can being a mom blogger really make one happy? This time last year, if you had asked me my opinion on blogs, I would have rolled my eyes and said they were stupid. That’s my composition teacher and journalist snobbery talking—I really…

5 Phone Apps That Save You Money

Let’s face it, raising a family is expensive, especially this time of year. First there’s back-to-school shopping, then Halloween, followed by winter clothes shopping. And don’t get me started on Hanukkah and Christmas! I have four kids,…

Mamiverse Made it Personal at Blogalicious 2012

There are luddites out there who dismiss social media as superficial, frivolous and time consuming. I would know! I used to be one of them. I shunned social media until a friend introduced me to MySpace in 2007, and suggested I could use…

iPad Apps for Children with Special Needs

The iPad is an amazing tool for any child, but the best part is its complete functionality for all children, including children with development delays and special needs.It’s also a great tool for adults with special needs. For years,…

Crazy Tech Gadgets for Women

There sure are plenty of wacky tech gadgets to choose from these days. But what’s out there just for the ladies? I've rounded up a few tech contraptions just for women and divided them into two categories: Clever and Crazy. It’s up to…

Gaming With Granny

Can you imagine Granny as a gamer? The good news is that today’s seniors have found a way to connect online and remain engaged and mentally active even if they’re not as mobile as they were in their younger years. According to this infographic,…

Preserve Your Photo Memories Forever: Tips from the Pros

With technology, such as Smartphones and digital pocket cameras at our fingertips every waking moment, it’s easier than ever to capture photos and video of our children’s lives. And, given the prevalence of social media, it’s easier…

The New American Mom: Tech-Savvy & Online

The old stereotype of the stay-at-home mom filling her days with soaps and housework is officially dead. Today’s American mom (stay-at-home or otherwise) is tech-savvy and fully engaged in the online community. Mamiverse kicked off 2012 with…