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Back to Basics: How to Make a Website

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Once upon a time, the question of how to make a website seemed like an impossible task only limited to computer geniuses, tech savants and people who spoke in code. And it was kind of okay if you didn’t fall into that bucket because websites…

Tips and Tricks to Filter and Curate Your Social Media Sites Newsfeeds

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These days there are so many new social media sites popping up that you could literally spend all of your time combing through newsfeeds, pinning, following, tweeting, retweeting, posting...and the list goes on...and on. At the same time,…

In Defense of the Selfie Stick

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The selfie stick has turned out to be one of the most polarizing phone accessories on the planet. Selfie pole haters seem to be the most vocal faction but selfie stick lovers clearly outnumber them or the haters wouldn't have anything to complain…

10 Best Apps We Can't Wait to Try in 2016

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Ring in the new year with the best apps you've just got to try in 2016! From keeping your New Year's resolutions, to staying organized, to de-stressing at the end of the day — there's are plenty of cool apps for that. We've rounded up 10…

10 Internet Trends We Pray Will Stop Haunting us in 2016

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Every year we go through the same pre-NYE routine…we reflect on the trends, the highlights from the past year, the best songs, the best memories, our greatest achievements, the most scandalous celebrity gossip, the biggest news stories…and…

Here Comes the App: 7 Wedding Registry Platforms for the High-Tech Bride

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For some brides the wedding planning process is exciting, and for others it’s overwhelming and stressful. Flowers, food, the dress, the decor… so much to plan and so little time! And for some brides-to-be, it’s a mix of fun and frustration,…
Make Your Own Website 5 Cool Site Builders to Try-MainPhoto

Make Your Own Website: 5 Cool Site Builders to Try

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Everyone's doing it and now you can too! It's never been easier to make your own website. According to Tech Made Easy, "As of May 2015 there are around 858 million registered hostnames, compared to around 177 million active websites, down…

20 Things You Miss About How Technology has Changed our Lives

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Do you ever think about how technology has changed our lives? Do you ever think about life without Internet? If you were born before 1985, then you know what life was like before the explosion of the Internet.  Remember those calm, independent,…

Digital Control: 5 Great Habits Apps to Help You Break the Bad Ones

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It's a new year, and it's time to embrace some new technology that can help make it your best year yet. Behold: habits apps. Sure, you're probably tossing around all kinds of resolutions—you have a long list of things you want to do better,…